One of the objectives of ENOVAT is to develop better microbiological diagnostic tests. The Action will establish the largest European online database of veterinary pathogens stored by Action Participants and collaborators representing academia and industry (e.g. diagnostic laboratories). This database will include information on already established strain collections as well as pathogens collected prospectively based on research needs, and it will serve as a unique toolbox for refinement and innovation of diagnostics in veterinary microbiology. As a proof of concept, the new database will be exploited during the Action for optimisation of the MALDITOF MS technique and for development of new animal- and infection-specific CBPs. This will lead to more precise pathogen identification and AST, respectively. Concurrently, the database and associated MIC data, produced during the Action, will be presented to research groups and companies developing novel techniques for rapid and precise detection and AST of veterinary pathogens, with the aim to facilitate their work and initiate new collaborative networks.