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The essence of the ENOVAT COST Action is to generate a durable network of experts who meet on a regular basis to discuss strategies aiming to optimise the use of veterinary antimicrobials. The COST structure is a fast and flexible tool that enables collaborative research across Europe and beyond, which can be the basis for capacity building, strong, sustainable and successful consortia.

ENOVAT aims to optimise veterinary antimicrobial use with a special emphasis on the development of animal- and disease-specific treatment guidelines and the refinement of microbiological diagnostic procedures.

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ENOVAT has five working groups:
1 Mapping microbiological diagnostics and treatment guidelines
2 European strain database
3 Clinical breakpoints
4 Antimicrobial treatment guidelines
5 Dissemination

Yes, in theory that is possible although it is preferable for the organisation of meetings that participants are members of one working group. After discussion with the working group leaders participants are welcome to visit other groups meetings and participate in discussions.

Unlike for other European project funding, participation in a COST network is on a personal level and does not engage or relate in anyway to the participant’s institution. In fact, by the time of the proposal, the network of proposers is anonymous. With regards to the proposers, reviewers are only informed about their characteristics (Nationality, gender, seniority etc.).

COST actions have an inclusive approach and welcomes specialists with different backgrounds in veterinary medicine, microbiology, infection control, antimicrobial stewardship, epidemiology, medical guidelines, science communication. ENOVAT is a heterogeneous network with any kind of profiles and nationalities. It aims to balance selected criteria such as gender, seniority, public vs private etc.

The interest is to play a central and visible role in driving ENOVAT towards achieving its goals. Each special role has its own duties and advantages and can help, among other things, building your own network, being aware of future collaboration, traveling to conferences etc.

The eligibility to be financed or reimbursed depends on the country of affiliation and the member status (MC member or regular member) of the applicant. The COST Vademecum regulates access to meetings or training schools, Short-term-Scientific-Missions and other COST mechanisms. Rules generally are non-restrictive and allow to cover a large variety of stakeholders (even non-European ones in many cases).

Travel fees to meetings, training schools and scientific stays can be fully covered for a large number of participants and, on very specific occasions, fees to participate to conferences can be covered as well. COST actions do not fund for personnel. The only specific case where COST actions do fund for the work achieved by a participant is in the case of Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs).

ShortTerm Scientific Missions (STSMs) allow participants to perform a collaborative stay at a partner institution or laboratory in another COST country a concept of particular interest to young scientists. STSMs can vary from one week to three months and up to six months for Early Stage Researchers. The average contribution for a mission is a fixed grant based on the applicant’s budget request and the decision from the relevant assessment committee. It will normally not exceed EUR 2,500 (EUR 3500 for Early Stage Researchers).

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VM grants will support applicants for strengthening the existing networks by allowing scientists to foster collaboration in a virtual setting, exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, disseminate the Action results, etc.

All information is available here.

It is a grant to support of Young researchers and innovators to attend international conferences in the field of the Action. ITC Conference Grants are limited to Young researchers and innovators from COST Inclusiveness Target Countries and Near Neighbour Countries (NNC).

ENOVAT will support participation in conferences with topics in the field of veterinary antimicrobial use/stewardship, veterinary microbiology, veterinary pharmacology and closely related subjects.

More info and application rules here.

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The action is an open interdisciplinary network of veterinaries, epidemiologists, microbiologists and surveillance specialists interested to contribute to the development of antimicrobial diagnostics and treatment guidelines for veterinary use.