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Comparative Evaluation of qnrA, qnrB, and qnrS Genes in Enterobacteriaceae Ciprofloxacin-Resistant Cases, in Swine Units and a Hospital from Western Romania

Doma, A.O.; Popescu, R.; Mitulețu, M.; Muntean, D.; Dégi, J.; Boldea, M.V.; Radulov, I.; Dumitrescu, E.; Muselin, F.; Puvača, N.; Cristina, R.T. Antibiotics 2020, 9, 698....

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Antimicrobial Resistance Genes in Porcine Pasteurella multocida Are Not Associated with Its Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern

Petrocchi-Rilo, M.; Gutiérrez-Martín, C.-B.; Pérez-Fernández, E.; Vilaró, A.; Fraile, L.; Martínez-Martínez, S. Antibiotics 2020, 9, 614....

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Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Porcine Respiratory Bacteria in Spain

Vilaró, A.; Novell, E.; Enrique-Tarancón, V.; Balielles, J.; Vilalta, C.; Martinez, S.; Fraile Sauce, L.J. Antibiotics 2020, 9, 402....

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