ENOVAT publications​

Population pharmacokinetic meta-analysis of five beta-lactams antibiotics to support dosing regimens in dogs for surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis

L. Pelligand, T. Møller Sørensen, P. Cagnardi, P.-L. Toutain, F. Allerton. The Veterinary Journal, Volume 305, 2024, 106136, ISSN 1090-0233,

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A systematic review and meta-analysis on the efficacy of vaccination against colibacillosis in broiler production

Paudel S, Apostolakos I, Vougat Ngom R, Tilli G, de Carvalho Ferreira HC, et al. (2024). PLOS ONE 19(3): e0301029.

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A multinational survey of companion animal veterinary clinicians: How can antimicrobial stewardship guidelines be optimised for the target stakeholder?

S. Farrell, A.F. Bagcigil, S.C. Chaintoutis, C. Firth, F.G. Aydin, C. Hare, M. Maaland, A. Mateus, A.P. Vale, U. Windahl, P. Damborg, D. Timofte, D. Singleton, F. Allerton, 2023; The Veterinary Journal, 106045, ISSN 1090-0233,

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