WG1 Surveys

  • May 4, 2021

At this stage of the ENOVAT activity, WG1 is working towards achieving its goals via two surveys:


  • The Diagnostic procedures survey, which needs to reach as many Veterinary Diagnostic laboratories in Europe as possible. This survey aims to review the methods and interpretive criteria used by veterinary diagnostic laboratories across Europe for bacterial pathogen identification, antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST), antimicrobial resistance detection and reporting.

The survey is now CLOSED.

The survey is run in English; supporting translations can be found below:



  • Treatment guidelines survey. This survey aims to map and compare the availability, structure, and evidence-base of veterinary antimicrobial treatment guidelines and needs to reach practicing veterinary practitioners working in first opinion and referral settings in the private sector and academia throughout Europe.

The survey is now CLOSED.

The survey is run in different languages. Please find yours.



The surveys will be run anonymously and full confidentiality maintained. The surveys will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. The relevant ethical approval has been obtained for running the online surveys and participants will be asked for their informed consent when accessing the survey link. In both surveys, the only participant information to be collected will identify the country and what sector(s) the respondent currently works within; this data cannot be linked to particular individuals; in the guidelines survey demographic data from participants (age and gender) will also be collated. All contact information is listed on the participant information sheet.

Only WG1 leaders (Dr Dorina Timofte at University of Liverpool, Dr Ana Mateus at Royal Veterinary College in the UK) and a sub-set of WG1 members, will have access to the data sets and any analysis outcomes.