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  • January 11, 2022

ENOVAT WG1 is announcing the launch of the Antimicrobial Use Guidelines Survey which is building on the findings of the WG1’s Treatment Guidelines pilot survey. The current version is a small-animal focused survey and is hoped that it will provide an insight into how antimicrobial use guidelines are viewed by companion animal vets across Europe. This information will enable any groups developing new guidelines to incorporate key features and generate more effective antimicrobial use resources in the future.  

To facilitate the participation of as many veterinarians as possible, the new version of the survey utilises a platform that accommodates multiple translated versions of the survey, with 18 languages already available.

The English version, as well as multiple translations for the Antimicrobial Use Guidelines Survey can be accessed here.


WG1 aims to publish the survey in all the languages used across the ENOVAT network, therefore we are still seeking help to translate the survey in the remaining languages. If you don’t see a translation available for your country and you are willing to help, please get in touch via the Contact form at the link above or by emailing WG1 leaders (Dorina Timofte, Fergus Allerton and David Singleton).

In addition, any support in the dissemination of the survey throughout ENOVAT countries would be greatly appreciated. We are eager to ensure that the views of as many vets as possible can be polled to ensure a broad base of representation, therefore please use the social media dissemination options available on the Home page at the link above.


Not last, to encourage ENOVAT country representatives to engage in the dissemination of the survey among veterinarians in their own county, we are also launching a “friendly competition” between countries, and to see how this is evolving please check the “League Table

Let’s work together to attract as many veterinary practitioners as possible for this survey and build an overall dark blue ENOVAT countries map 😊.

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