Veterinary Practice Guidelines for Antimicrobial Use in Post Weaning Diarrhea in Pigs

Rationale: Treatment of diarrhea in pigs post weaning is the number one reason for antibiotic use in the pig industry and therefore a major cause of antibiotic consumption in animals globally. The ban of antibiotic growth-promotors and use of medical zinc will probably increase the need for treatment additionally in years to come. Post weaning diarrhea has a multifactorial etiology including different bacterial and virus infections. In addition, non-infections causes of diarrhea exist. This make prober diagnostics, selection of antibiotic substance, route of administration, dose and length of treatment very important to secure a prudent use of antibiotics for treatment of diarrhea. These elements need to be addressed in a guideline on Antimicrobial Use in Post Weaning Diarrhea in Pigs.

Target audience: European veterinary practitioners

For the drafting group we are looking for veterinary epidemiologists

The European Veterinary practice guidelines on antimicrobial use for post weaning diarrhea in pigs will be a joint ENOVAT/ESGVM set of guidelines and the drafting group is chaired by Ken Steen Pedersen (chair) and Ana Vale (co-chair).

If you are interested in joining please contact Ken ( and Ana (


NameCountryArea of Expertise
Ken Steen PedersenDenmarkPorcine Health Management
Ana ValeIrelandVeterinary Microbiology
John Elmerdahl OlsenDenmarkVeterinary Microbiology
Ronette GehringNetherlandsPharmacology
Jeroen DewulfBelgiumEpidemiology
Enric MarcoSpainSwine Practice
John van der WielenNetherlandsSwine Practice
Dolf KümmerlenSwitzerlandPorcine Health Management
Magdalena JacobsonSwedenPorcine Health Management
Carl Ekstrand SwedenPharmacology
Josef KamphuesGermanyNutrition
Laura BoyleIrelandAnimal Welfare
Lazarin LazarovBulgariaAnimal Diseases
Elina Aimo-KoivistoFinlandClinical Microbiology
Helena FerreiraBelgiumMethodology Task Force Leader