Veterinary Practice Guidelines for Surgical Prophylaxis in companion animals (cats and dogs)

Rationale: Surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis is a commonly cited rationale for antimicrobial use in canine and feline veterinary medicine. However, inappropriate antibiotic use in the peri-operative period risks contributing further to the threat to human and animal health from antimicrobial resistance. The ENOVAT Cost Action proposes to review the existing literature and develop guidelines for optimal antimicrobial use for surgical prophylaxis.

Target audience: European veterinary practitioners

For the drafting group we are looking for people with one of the following qualifications: epidemiologists and microbiologists.

The European Veterinary practice guidelines on antimicrobial use for surgical prophylaxis in companion animals will be a joint ENOVAT/ESGVM set of guidelines and the drafting group is chaired by Fergus Allerton (chair) and Scott Weese (co-chair). If you are interested in joining please contact Fergus ( or Scott (