• Disseminate knowledge, tools, research results, and the proposed solutions to a broad audience (EU agencies, national policy makers, veterinary organizations, clinical practitioners, the public, etc.) via appropriate channels.
  • Produce a white paper summarising the outcomes of the Action.

The first objective of WG5 is to coordinate and promote dissemination activities of the Action. This includes the communication channels outlined in section 3.2.2, e.g. the Action website, newsletters, social media as well as dissemination through scientific publications in journals and at conferences. 

A second objective of WG5 is to produce – in collaboration with other WGs – a white paper 

(i) summarising the outcome of the Action, 

(ii) highlighting knowledge gaps compromising microbiological diagnostics and antimicrobial therapy in veterinary medicine, and 

(iii) proposing a new European veterinary research agenda to address these knowledge gaps. In addition, the white paper should (iv) include a roadmap outlining how European countries – through a coordinated interaction with the EC as a central player – can approach a common high level of knowledge and dedication when it comes to implementing veterinary antimicrobial stewardship practices locally. 

The white paper will be discussed at the final Action conference. Subsequently, it will be distributed along with minutes of discussions at the Action conference to stakeholders, including politicians from relevant ministries in European nations and in the EC.