The ENOVAT guidelines initiative

The ENOVAT guidelines initiative was launched in Tirana in February 2020 as part of the Cost Action for optimization of antimicrobial therapy in veterinary medicine. 

The overall goal of the initiative is to advance antimicrobial stewardship in veterinary medicine to a common high level. To obtain this goal the working group will create a standard for veterinary practice guidelines on antimicrobial use incorporating transparent and systematic assessment of the evidence and taking into account aspects of public health operating procedure, and use this standard to write European Veterinary Practice Guidelines on antimicrobial use in selected infections of high importance. Ultimatively the ENOVAT network will assist European countries in which no such guidelines exist with adaptation and implementation of the ENOVAT guidelines into national guidelines.

The iniative prioritizes infections that are considered treatment challenges by veterinary practitioners, and which account for a relatively high fraction of antimicrobial consumption in food animals or companion animals in Europe. The guidelines working group selected 5 topics for Veterinary Practice Guidelines, namely: Poultry colibacillosis, Post Weaning Diarrhea in pigs, Bovine Mastitis, and Surgical Prophylaxsis in companion animals.

The working group also opted to join the ESGVM guidelines initiative on bovine respiratory disease and acute diarrhea in dogs.

For enquiries about the ENOVAT guidelines initiative please contact the chairs Lisbeth Rem Jessen (lrmj@sund.ku.dk) and Jeroen Dewulf (Jeroen.Dewulf@UGent.be)