Which bacterial species/genera do you still have problems identifying with MALDI TOF MS technology?

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  • December 27, 2021

We are looking for your inputs!

In the framework of the COST Action ENOVAT we are working on the optimisation of MALDI TOF MS methods for bacteria that are difficult to identify using this method. We would therefore like to ask you which bacterial species/genera you still have problems identifying with MALDI TOF MS technology and for which you are interested in a cooperation with ENOVAT to work on this issue. For instance, we are currently working on optimising the identification of Staphylococcus intermedius/pseudintermedius/delphini.

The possibilities for cooperation on our part are manifold. On the one hand, we have an extensive strain database with information on >4000 isolates stored in European laboratories. On the other hand, we can support scientists financially within the framework of virtual mobility grants, who can work on the analysis of mass spectra, for example. If the Corona situation allows, the exchange of young scientists within the framework of short term scientific missions could also be financially supported.

We look forward to receiving your feedback to:

gudrun.overesch@vetsuisse.unibe.ch or a.heuvelink@gddiergezondheid.nl

With kind regards and many thanks!

Gudrun Overesch & Annet Heuvelink

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