ENOVAT just launched a campaign to raise awareness of the rational use of antibiotics

Promoting prudent antibiotic use in Europe.

ENOVAT just launched a campaign consisting of a video to promote the prudent use of antibiotics in veterinary practice. The video has been translated into 25 different languages with the aim of targeting more countries and areas around the world.

The video in English is available on the main ENOVAT webpage. Translated versions can be found here.

Sustaining antimicrobial stewardship efforts is critical and these videos spread the word about the importance of improving antimicrobial prescribing.

When a patient needs antimicrobials, the benefits outweigh the risks of side effects and AMR. Improving the way healthcare professionals and veterinarians prescribe antimicrobials, and the way we take antimicrobials helps keep us healthy, helps fight AMR, and ensures that these life-saving antimicrobials will be available for future generations.

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