Meet our leaders #11

Prof. Paul Nguewa

STSM Coordinator

Head of the Institute of Tropical Health University of Navarra, Spain

One Health strategy remains a global approach against health threats in the animal, human and environment interface

Prof. Paul Nguewa, STSM Coordinator, Head of the Institute of Tropical Health (University of Navarra-Spain; ISTUN;, Department of Microbiology and Parasitology. Leader of a group of Molecular Parasitology and Drug Discovery Platform.

My team and I are collaborating with diverse research groups, working together (identification, prevention and control, new therapies…) against infectious diseases. Our network of international partnerships includes centers worldwide. In our group, there is also a transversal platform involved in different therapeutic areas, working in a multidisciplinary environment where translational medicine plays an important role with basic biology of pathogens including the kinetoplastid parasites.

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