Diagnostic procedures and Strain database surveys

WG1 and WG2 have been working in several surveys that kindly ask you to respond as well as disseminate as you can (click on the links to respond)

  1. ENOVAT WG1-Diagnostic procedures survey. The Diagnostic Procedures Survey – is designed to get an insight into methodology and standards used by veterinary microbiological laboratories across Europe. If you want to take part on the local dissemination and translation of this survey, please fill this form.
  2. Survey on a European strain database. The European strain database Survey –  is aiming to get an insight into the willingness and the conditions under which microbiological laboratories across Europe could submit data to the new European strain database.

Surveys will remain open until April 30th 2021. Please respond ASAP. 1 takes 20 minutes, while 2 only 5 minutes.

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