Working group 3 developed a survey for identifying currently missing veterinary species-specific clinical breakpoints

Did you know that the antibiogram report on many of the commonly used veterinary drugs are based on pharmacokinetics in people? Or species different from the ones you treat? This lack of species-specific data can negatively impact the reliability of veterinary susceptibility testing and lead to sub-optimal treatment decisions. We would like to invite you to tackle this problem with us!

Within ENOVAT Working Group 3, we aim to draw a priority list of currently missing veterinary species-specific clinical breakpoints (CBPs) for several species of animals. As a clinician, you might have valuable knowledge on which pathogens/infections can be difficult to treat or don’t have an effective antimicrobial treatment option available. Perhaps you also have some go-to-antimicrobials for treating certain pathogens or types of infection?

You don’t need to be an expert in veterinary microbiology to fill out this survey, but it might take some 10-15 minutes to get yourself acquainted with the background data. The feedback we can get from clinicians is very valuable and we hope to get as many responses as possible!

Here you can find the link to our survey.

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